In the old days, political battles stayed in the courtroom and congressional committees. Now every crisis unravels in the public eye. Facts and logic are traded for emotions and perception. On this new media battlefield, the foot soldiers are TV pundits and the social media masses. Need a guide? Trey Radel will help. 

It’s not what you say. It’s how they feel.

Years behind the microphone. Months on the campaign trail. Trey knows how to connect to people’s emotions. He can put these tools to work for you so you can connect with your audience. He will help you draft speeches and prepare for every question the media will ask. He will help you prepare to present for different audiences, while never sacrificing your core message or credibility. Trey will help you find the right words, and emphasize the pertinent themes across these popular mediums:

  • Videos: TV or online
  • Radio
  • Social media management

Trey Radel has proven his political acumen with his own experience. During his Congressional campaign, he crafted a message that reached across party, demographic, and cultural lines. He beat the odds to win his seat in Congress. See how he can help you.