The media doesn’t take prisoners. If the cameras and microphones show up at your doorstep, will you be ready? Before disaster strikes, you need to create a crisis communication and management plan. You need an ally like Trey. He’s walked the halls of congress and connected with the most powerful players in the media world. He’s witnessed and experienced crises from every angle, and now he’s making his unique crisis management process available to you. Trey guides every client through his proven 4-step approach:

Risk Assessment

Do you have any current tangible risks? Can we mitigate those contingencies? Still not sure? You can use an ally like Trey. On Trey’s team, we can collaborate to find, define, and mitigate risks.

  • Plan – We create an actionable strategy for the moment disaster strikes.
  • Simulate – We run our plan through a crisis simulation so we can find and fix any flaws.
  • Train – We qualify and coach a point person (or people) who will speak to the media and answer their questions. Whether it’s a high-pressure by-the-minute situation or an instance that requires advanced planning, we can prepare you for questions, answers, and scenarios.

Crisis Management

The crisis hits. It hurts. Your personal and business life are in a tail-spin. You need more than a corporate boilerplate approach. You need highly personalized, exclusively tailored guidance from beginning to end. Trey and his team will tailor your message and recover your image. Trey and his team will navigate you through scenarios such as:

  • Breaking the news to your loved ones.
  • Speaking to your board members.
  • Delivering your message to the media.
  • Testifying before Congress.
  • Crafting and maintaining your message to the media.
  • Rebuilding your name, your brand or your company.

Trey also offers his consultative services to larger firms who need an executive, in-house strategy.

Mitigating Aftermath

What do you do once the dust settles? Managing the immediate weeks and months after the crisis are equally as important as managing the crisis itself. Trey will monitor, assess, and re-direct the media conversation away from your crisis. We will work with your employees, colleagues, and your family to shape a flexible and agile message.

Reputation Recovery

If you’re in the spotlight, the public will never forget your media crisis. Trey will either give you tools to continue rebuilding your reputation, or continue working with you as long as you need. We want you to move forward with your career and your life. Trey will help you manage the following areas:

  • Evaluation – Define future reputation risks.
  • Digital clean-up – More importantly than monitoring your online brand and presence, we clean it up. We work to push the top search engine results off of the first few pages and into the internet abyss.
  • At Home – Guidance on any decisions you make personally or with your family.
  • At the Office – Learn how to address business partners, employees, and any other associates.
  • Onward – Propelling you forward with your message and your personal brand.

Trey Radel will help you pick up the pieces, put them back together, and move on.
You don’t have to go alone.