Trey Radel built a successful media career through the power of charisma and old-fashioned hard work. He found a way to integrate his personal brand across all media platforms. He’s reached and persuaded audiences on TV, radio, digital, and in print. Trey also knows the business of media. While still reporting and anchoring television news, Radel built and sold a community newspaper to the E.W. Scripps Company.

These days, you can find Trey on your radio-dial. Every weekday morning from 6 am – 9 am, Trey hosts one of Florida’s premiere talk radio shows. He gives his listeners fresh outsider perspectives with a former Beltway-insider’s twist. When Trey isn’t hosting his radio show, he’s still rubbing shoulders with the key players in the media landscape.

Trey Radel has devoted his entire career to making a difference in the everyday lives of people across cultures and demographics. He resolved to serve the people and his country by campaigning for a seat in the United States Congress. In a feat of media savvy, he built a coalition of support stretching across generational, ethnic and cultural lines. Trey Radel, the underdog from Cincinnati, won the Congressional seat in a major upset.

"Trey’s philosophy is spot on...

"Learning to speak in front of crowds or on-camera is a sport. You have to train. You have to learn it like muscle memory, like when I throw a pitch. Trey helped me gain the confidence to get in front of the camera. Now, when I'm in front of the camera, it's just like being on the field. I recommend Trey to people I do business with and fellow athletes. Simply put, he’s the best."

Major League Baseball Player - ORLANDO, FL

Trey followed his love of people, places and cultures to South American, Southeast Asia, and everywhere in-between (he puts his total somewhere around fifty countries). Backpacking along the road afforded him the opportunity to develop a fluency in Spanish and Italian.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Trey studied improv comedy at the famous Second City in Chicago. Trey still acts today. He has a role on the Sony-owned app, Crackle, and will soon appear on an Investigation Discovery Network show.

Trey is now adding “author” to his list of career accomplishments. His forthcoming book will give readers an exclusive peek behind the Congressional curtain. The story unfolds around Trey’s personal journey through the halls of Congress. The book is expected for early 2017 from Blue Rider Press, a division of Random House.